Our mission statement for Doorpost Verses is found very simply in God's word...
These words which I am commanding you... shall be on your heart;
And you shall write them on the doorposts of your houses
and on your gates.    Deuteronomy 6: 6,9

God's word comforts, convicts, instructs and teaches.
In Deuteronomy 6, God instructed his people to write
His words on their doorposts.

In the past, our family searched for items that could be
given as gifts that (a) contained God's word, (b) were attractive
enough to be enjoyed and displayed in all type homes, and (c) were
affordable.  Finding gifts that met all of these criteria often
proved to be difficult, so we began to create these gifts
ourselves to give as shower gifts, house-warmings, "get well"
expressions, etc.  That's how Doorpost Verses began, and
we are proud to share it with you and your family also.

We think that our product is a great fit for anyone who is
looking for a thoughtful, Christ-centered gift to give.
Or for anyone who desires to decorate their own home
or office with beautifully illustrated  Scripture passages.

Doorpost Verses are 8x10 images with Biblical passages,
presented in a very artistic and inspiring way.  Each picture is
topped with an 11x14 quality matting and rear reinforced
with backing board and carefully packaged in poly bagging.
We have some prints now available framed if you would like 
to inquire about that new program.
We have also expanded our line to include for 4x6 images 
available in acrylic easel frames perfect for gift giving as well
as keychains fun for anyone... 
On the horizon, a line of full color cards to share with others.

If you operate a Christian retail store, a friendly gift shop, a christian organization or group looking for a fund raiser, or are interested in purchasing online,
we would love to hear your feedback and assist you 
with your particular needs.    Thank you!